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XO Wine Co is a small boutique winery just out of Meadows in the Adelaide Hills, owned and run by Greg Clack and Kate Horstmann.
The winery produces small batch wines from the Adelaide Hills and McLaren Vale, some of which are only a single barrel in size.

XO produce wines using an academic approach with minimal intervention in mind, all this while keeping an artistic flair in order to highlight varietal and site expression with great drinkability.

XO was derived from the board game noughts and crosses; two different letters can be rearranged in a number of different ways giving a multitude of outcomes. When X or O are aligned then the outcome is a winner.

Wine can be viewed the same way, when the elements align - the growing season, vineyard, winemaking, oak choice, blending to name a few then the outcome is spectacular. If the elements are arranged slightly differently, then the outcome is still fun and enjoyable and that is what makes wine so alluring.

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