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Our Story

Woodlane Orchard began in October 2018 after I returned from a job that had me working away from home for the last 3 years.   I noticed many of the producers in my area had surplus or hard to sell produced dropping and rotting.   How could I help??  

I decided to support a neibour and my brother by value adding to their produce to help reduce their wastage.   This worked and Woodlane Orchard was born.

The product base grew as I found additional produce to move and I now purchase from 6 local farmers, with some even starting to grown new crops to meet the demand for my easy to make nutricious products.  The soup and meal range is expanding all the time to meet the expanding needs of my community and I am excited to be able to design new products all the time.

I pay above market price to my farmers where ever possible and feel blessed to be doing my part to sell Australia Produce that is of a fabulous quality an at great prices.

These products make your meal times easy, nutricious and satisfying.  Enjoy some today.


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