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Woodlane Orchard

Our Story

Woodlane Orchard began in October 2018 when I noticed many of the producers in my area had surplus or hard to sell produce going to waste.   I wondered how could I help??  

At the time I decided to  value add to a friends apricots and peaches to help reduce his their wastage.   This worked well and we quickly sold out so I decided to collect more produce locally and Woodlane Orchard was born.

The product base has grown as we have found additional surplus produce to move.  We now purchase from many local farmers, with some even starting to grown new crops to meet the demand for my easy to make nutricious products.  The soup and meal range is expanding all the time to meet the demands of my wonderful customers. 

Our range is very popular with campers, travellors and plant based food lovers.  Why not try some today.


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