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In March 2017 a close friend gifted me a bottle of craft gin a a wedding present. He insisted that good gin must be accompanied by premium tonic water. Until this point, I, like most people assumed all tonincs were the same.

How wrong I was! I started researching tonic water: the history, the ingredients and most importantly the flavour combinations. I quickly became fascinated by the humble tonic. My research indicated that the majority of commercially available tonics are made from a mixture of medical grade Quinine and laboratory made flavour made syrups.

The wonderful array of native botanicals being used in Australia and international gins has resulted in many new and exciting flavours emerging from the once humble London dry Gin. So, why shouldn’t a great gin be paired with a boutique tonic water.

I have created a unique take on the age-old tonic: a range of delicious handmade tonic syrups made from predominantly local ingredients sourced from local suppliers. Varci can be enjoyed with soda water, specifically paired with your favourite gin or used as a cocktail mixer.


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