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The Wine Embassy is a specialised wine entity with a focus to small batch production. Everything we make is inspired from the riches of South Australia. We do everything ourselves from the wine to label design and love that we can combine wine, food and tourism in one business. We produce two series of wines. 

The Flinders Range is dedicated to and highlights the amazing Edicaran fossils. A wine region and variety are paired with one of the fossils. The Ediacara fossils preserve an entire ecosystem enabling scientists to understand what life on Earth was truly like in some of its earliest forms. In March 2019, a historic agreement was signed to conserve the Ediacaran fossils in the Flinders Ranges within a national park. We contribute proceeds of each sale towards this conservation.

Our other label is The Sacrificial Pig. Food and wine are natural bedfellows so it a normal progression to make a wine inspired from our favourite foods. Winemakers talk about “terroir” as the key to great wines but of course it applies to food.

We put the fun in functions and events are always an option anywhere in South Australia.

Liquor Licence No. 57706445

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