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After years of hunting and gathering and playing with product in the kitchen, Salty Eyre was created in 2016 by Nerissa Schuster.  Nerissa started with her Gourmet Sea Salt, Pepper and Spices and then expanded to include a wild fermented sauerkraut, fermented chilli sauce and fermented Indian lemon pickle to name a few.

Twelve months later, realising she hadn’t fallen far from the tree, Nerissa introduced her mum’s variety of products into the brand. Pauline had already been creating and selling chilli and garlic olives, jams and chutneys.  

Their products are now differentiated as Wizza’s Batch and Pauline’s Patch.  They use as much Eyre Peninsula grown and sourced produce as possible. 

Some products are seasonal and may not be available all year round, but they believe this is what makes their product authentically local.  

Enjoy Salty Eyre seasonal products from the Eyre Peninsula, South Australia. 

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