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After reading about kombucha in a book a few years back, Damian dusted off his old home brewing setup which sat unused for many years, to have a crack at this intriguing brew. It was love at first sip. He has been frantically brewing kombucha for the past six years. Over time he got Sharon hooked and that was enough encouragement to make a go of it.

SCULL are proud to use Australian grown green tea and locally sourced produce to create our kombucha – a tasty fizzy tea beverage low in sugar, high in antioxidants and other good stuff. A drink for all occasions, SCULL kombucha is ideal for all ages. Not only is it a healthier soda replacement, it is an affordable non-alcoholic beverage for anyone who’s caffeine-, sodium- or sugar-conscious.

SCULL kombucha is freshly brewed the traditional way, with fruits, herbs and spices from Adelaide’s farmers markets and in small batches to ensure maximum taste. Each handcrafted batch is created from seasonal produce which keeps our kombucha fresh and packed with flavour.

SCULL kombucha pride ourself on using the freshest local ingredients and being a little more daring than the standard fruity flavours you find in the marketplace.

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