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Bradys Lookout Cider

Our Story

Authentic and handcrafted.  

Based in Tasmania, we are third generation orchardists producing award winning ciders.
Our cider story begins with a conversation.

Experimenting with different production styles of cider, there was one in particular that Chris
and Caro felt stood out from the crowd. Mèthode Traditionelle, or the ‘champagne method’ of
crafting cider, produces a sparkling cider that emulates the sparkling wines that the Tamar
Valley is well-known for. Having decided to start producing their cider on a commercial scale,
they travelled to France where they explored the European traditions behind Mèthode

Armed with new-found knowledge, they returned to Tasmania and began working to perfect
the cider they are increasingly known for today. And so, the next generation of ‘infamous’
cider was born.

Brady’s Lookout Cider are Australia’s only cider maker predominately dedicated to 100% Mèthode
Traditionelle production techniques.

The other essential bits you need to know – Liquor License Number 77989

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