Orange HAZE - Hazy Pale Ale 24 Pack

1 ctn 24 x 330ml bottles

It’s a hazy pale ale flavoured with powdered, sweet, orange rind.

Malts  – Flaked oats, flaked barley, and a bit lactose add to this beers flavour palette.

Hops – Chinook hops used for bittering, and Enigma used to finish and dry hop.

Omega yeast, HotHead has a unique honey-like aroma with overripe mango, which is complementary to modern, fruity hops, and was pivotal in making this beer.

4.5%abv 26ibu

malt, hops, yeast, waler

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Orange HAZE - Hazy Pale Ale 24 Pack

Orange HAZE - Hazy Pale Ale 24 Pack

  • Specialty: Ethically Sourced, Australian Grown and Made
  • Dietary Requirement: Vegan
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    Artisan information

    • One Barrel Brewing
    • Country: Australia
    • Region/State: South Australia
    • Business: One Barrel Brewing Pty Ltd
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