Entry Level -  Australian Pale Ale

1ctn 24 x 330ml bottles  

This beer is where you should start your craft beer experience, that is if you've yet to be seduced by our craft.

This example would be the 1st beer you sample in a tasting paddle, clean malty.. hops are to balance and nothing more.

Our brewing bitterness scales are represented by IBU – International Bitterness Units, in Australia there needs to be at least 4ibu to be classified as beer and the scale goes way above 100 although bitterness perception fades above around 80ibu. 

Entry Level has 13 ibu.

Our brewers colour reference, at One Barrel Brewing is Ebc (European Brewery Convention) a colour scale from 4 to, again like hops over 100.

Entry Level 8.5 Ebc

A classic example of a no-nonsense enjoy in any season, all Australian Pale Ale.


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Entry Level - Australian Pale Ale

Entry Level - Australian Pale Ale

  • Specialty: Ethically Sourced, Australian Grown and Made
  • Dietary Requirement: Vegan
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    • One Barrel Brewing
    • Country: Australia
    • Region/State: South Australia
    • Business: One Barrel Brewing Pty Ltd
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