Green Ant Marmalade 180g
Green Ant Marmalade 180g
Green Ant Marmalade 180g

Its the perfect combination that just works perfectly with everything. Using a old French style of cooking where we have infused the Green Ants in to create these amazing taste sensations.

You will discover a not so traditional marmalade, but one that packs the punch on flavour and array of tastes with the lemon followed by honey undertones.

Matching Recommendations:
Highly recommend with Ice-cream or Yoghurt and accompanied by our Native Bush Dukkah... Its like a golden gaytime on steroids
Over a nice rack of lamb
With your pancakes, desserts
As extra flavour in your stir-fry
Plus many more....

About the Green Ants:
Green Ants are found in tropical Australia. These ants form colonies with multiple nests in trees, each nest being made of leaves stitched together using the silk produced by the ant larvae. The green ants are edible with a lemon flavouring which creates a uniquely foodie experience.

Green Ants, Sugar, Lemons, Purified Water & Natural Pectin.

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Green Ant Marmalade 180g

Green Ant Marmalade 180g

  • Specialty: Australian Grown and Made
  • Dietary Requirement: Nut Free
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      Green Ant Marmalade 180g
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