The Flinders Range Funisia Sparkling Cuvée NV

The Fossil: The name Funisia is derived from the Latin for “rope”. Funisia is a genus containing a single species, Funisia dorothea. The fossil is composed of modular, serially repeating elements. These fossils were usually found in dense masses on single bedded surfaces. First discovered in 2005, it was a worm like animal that stood about 30 centimetres tall and grew in dense groups. The species name of dorothea is in honour of Dorothy Droser, the mother of Dr. Mary Droser who has researched at Nilpena Station for the last twenty years.

Tasting Notes: Enticingly pale gold in colour, it is fresh and has a vibrant bead with nice citrus and green apple aromas. The palate is lively and crisp with good flavour persistence and length on palate with peaches, apples and toast characters to finish.

Winemakers Notes: Sparkling wine is one of the worlds more technical wines due to the double fermentation and high amount of base wines utilised in blending. This results in an incredibly reliable wine which is globally recognised for celebration and vitality. 

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The Flinders Range Funisia Sparkling Cuvée NV

The Flinders Range Funisia Sparkling Cuvée NV

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    The Flinders Range Funisia Sparkling Cuvée NV
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