What to expect at a ‘Producers Plate’ Event

It’s our intention to provide you with a truly memorable on farm and outdoors ‘Producers Plate’ dinner experience, so when preparing to come to these events, please consider the following guidelines;

Event Duration (between 4 ½ to 5 hours)

Depending on the location and setting of each event and once guests have arrived, we will generally start with an introductory talk and a farm tour, or a meet and mingle with local Artisans in Toast The Locals Marketplace. We start the event in the late afternoon and at about 6.00pm we will make our way to the long table to commence and enjoy our shared meal. Dinner is served family-style with wines matched to each course. We aim to conclude the meal and main event by 9.00pm, with guests departing the host property by 9.30pm.

Our Chef’s design a special menu for Producers Plate events around local Artisans in their region and fresh seasonal produce. So each meal is guaranteed to be of quality and delicious. We want our dinners to surprise and delight, so guests will only find out what’s for dinner when they arrive at the long table.

Our events are not intended for people under the age of 18.

What to wear

Except in extreme weather, our Producers Plate events will take place outdoors in regional or coastal settings and mostly on working farms, so its natural that we will be out in the elements to some degree. We encourage you to check the weather forecast for that day and to dress appropriately, i.e. wear sensible clothing and footwear, bring a hat, slap on some sunscreen and include a jacket if you think you’ll get cold once the sun has gone down. 

Getting There and Driving Safely

We encourage the responsible intake of alcohol and suggest that you choose a designated driver within your party, use our bus service, (if its on offer) or other local driving service.

What is included in the ticket?

Your Producers Plate dinner tickets include, the on-farm tour and/or Artisans marketplace experience, all drinks and dinner. From time to time we will offer bus and accommodation packages to help you to get to the event or plan a longer stay in a specific region.   

How to book and pay

All tickets for Toast The Locals events can be purchased on our website. See the Events section on our home page. Payments can be made via credit card, debit card or Paypal. (Ticket pricing includes 10% GST, plus a small booking transaction fee)

Dietary Restrictions

It is not possible for us to cater for all dietary restrictions and as each dinner menu will vary from location to location, some events may be suitable for some restrictions and others not so suitable. For example, if we are inland our Chef’s menu may not showcase seafood but it may showcase lamb, beef, or pork. If we are on the coast Chef may feature seafood. We encourage you to email us if you are interested in a specific event and have questions about the style of cuisine.


We do not refund event tickets if for any reason you suddenly can’t make it on the day, however you can pass your event ticket on to someone else and ask them to advise us of this on arival.