About Us

We Build A Bridge

Our mission is to connect you, the people who love great food and drink with the amazing humans who make it, the growers and producers - the Artisans.

Through their passion and commitment to quality craftsmanship, we all have the opportunity to source premium and locally made Artisan foods. It’s our hope that you will be inspired to bring these wonderful products, (along with the people who make them) into your own kitchens and lives.


We Are Community

We are building a supportive online community that promotes and celebrates the unique local and regional origins of Artisan production. Inspired by your local farmer’s markets, Toast The Locals is an authentic online space where Artisans can set up shop to share their products, passion and unique stories with you.

All of our Artisans are specialist producers and small business owners. So by shopping with them here, you are directly supporting them as if you were standing in front of their farmer’s market stall. There are plenty of fascinating Artisans and delicious products to be found here. So go ahead, indulge yourself. You’re bound to find something you love.  



We Are Events

At Toast The Locals we are passionate about bringing you back to the source of quality food and drink production. That’s why we offer unique destination dining experiences that are a true collaboration between local Chefs and Artisans. Held in specially chosen settings, our immersive and educational ‘Producers Plate’ ™ and ‘Roaming Plate’ ™ events provide an intimate, behind-the-scenes opportunity to meet and learn first hand from the Artisans and Chefs who create great food.

For a taste of something different, we also promote a selection of exciting foodie events that are hosted by our Artisan community. You’ll find these nestled among our signature Toast The Locals experiences in our Events section.



Enough About Us Though

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